You are currently viewing The full Guide for Merch by Amazon  in 2020 Step by Step

The full Guide for Merch by Amazon in 2020 Step by Step

Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s print-on-demand (POD) apparel division. Individuals can sell their designs on the world’s largest marketplace with no upfront investment or costs. Product formats includeT-shirts, Pullover or Zip Hoodie, PopSockets

How to Make Money Selling on Merch by Amazon

Get Your Account:

Merch by Amazon was extremely popular when it first launched. Amazon was flooded with hundreds of members and thousands of unique designs almost overnight.

As a result, the only way you can join is by signing up to a waiting list. This waiting list can be anywhere between 3 weeks and 3 months.

The best thing you can do is sign up now. Absorb as much of this knowledge as you can while you wait your invitation. It sucks, trust me. I waited a few months myself.

Once approved, you’ll log into your account here. Before you can list designs and get paid, Amazon will ask for some basic information about you.

Use High Quality, Unique Designs

The first step is to always use high quality, unique designs for your shirts. After all, why would someone choose to buy a shirt with a dingy graphic that looks incredibly similar to dozens of others? Of course, you should make sure that you meet all of Amazon’s T-Shirts Best Practices.

Yes, it’s easy to just copy the designs of others, but to make money on Amazon, you’ve got to think outside the box (or t-shirt) in this case. Dig deep in the depths of your mind to come up with something highly creative. Or, purchase unique designs. That’s why at Merch Ready, we only sell each design one time to help on your path to success.

Understanding Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

The Best Sellers Rank which is also referenced as “BSR” is perhaps the most important piece of data Amazon gives us in determining if a product is selling, and it also gives us a general idea of how well a product is selling. This information is super valuable…

If a product has a Best Sellers Rank on Amazon it means that it has received at least one sale. If it has no BSR it has not received a sale at all.

The lower Best Sellers Rank a product has the more sales it’s receiving on a daily/monthly basis.

If sales slow down for a product the Best Sellers Rank will start going up.

In simpler terms:

Low BSR = More Sales

High BSR = Less Sales

No BSR = Never Received a Sale

The Best Sellers Rank is always fluctuating based on the categories a product is in, and how well all the products in the entire market/niche are selling collectively.