Dropshipping Shopify 2020 How To Make Money Online

Dropshipping Shopify 2020 How To Make Money Online

Dropshipping Shopify is One of the Best profitable ways of making money online in 2020.Shopify also  is a great choice for an eCommerce platform.If you don’t know what dropshipping is. It is essentially the selling of products without having real stock and having goods directly delivered from the manufacturer/supplier.

I personally, even before I started Affiliate marketing.I always liked the idea of dropshipping Shopify.

Anyone can start dropshipping Shopify easily.But here is the problem, many people might have already tried and failed. don’t worry in today’s post, we will provide you with a step-by-step  Shopify guide that will help you to build a profitable dropshipping business. At the end of this post, you should have a good understanding of how to make money on dropshipping Shopify 2020.

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How To Start  Dropshipping Shopify (in 2020)

Setting up your dropshipping store with Shopify is pretty easy. Shopify will host your dropshipping store and deal with all of your transactions.

There are other platforms out there that you can use, like Woocommerce, but we don’t advise these for beginners. And for that reason, we’ll focus this post on how to make money on Shopify 2020 .

There are some steps  you need to do before start making money on dropshipping Shopify .

Step 1 : Select a niche product

Most dropshippers pick a niche, or area of specialization.So, choosing a niche will give focus to your business.

Select product niche is a broad topic however just to giving you an idea, People usually buy phones accessories, Cameras , keychains gifts, laptops accessories, and another kind of electronics, toys, household products, Decorations, Jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.)
Basically, anything practical and cheap and doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. also, something which people need all the time.
So, you can build your shopify store based on a  niche, for example, cats supplies and target people interested in cats.

Step 2 :Setup a Shopify Store

Once you decide on the types of products niche you will be selling. Then you can move into the next step, open a Shopify store

You can sign up here for Shopify free-Trail: Shopify.com

Once you Signed Up, you need to give your Shopify store a name, come up with something attractive and catchy. Create a store, and set up a Shopify theme. quietly, you can stick with the default store theme and keep things simple. However, you can also take a look around their theme marketplace and browse through many other e-commerce store themes, and purchase the premium ones as well.

Step 3 : Design your shopify  Store Logo

This is really important.As you don’t want to give your buyers an impression that some keyboard warrior is just trying to scam them or run a test/trial store to test whether they will purchase their product or not. So, you do need a professionally done logo. You can design one yourself using Adobe Photoshop, or even with some online tool like canva or photopea. Or you can simply outsource this mission to any freelancing website like Fiverr.

Step 4 :Install Oberlo plugin

So, if you set up everything correctly, it’s time to add the products! notice, adding products traditionally from Aliexpress is a process that can’t be done in a few minutes, and keeping track of their availability and prices is a big headache, so for that, we would be using Oberlo (a Shopify Plugin ). Oberlo will let you import dropshipping products directly from Aliexpress into your Shopify store, and ship them immediately to the customer while maintaining all the required records. Make sure you also install their chrome extension in your chrome browser. You can Get Oberlo here!

Step 5 :Picking the products from Aliexpress and Adding to store

Make Money on dropshipping Shopify 2020

Now comes the most important step, what type of products to pick and what filters to use. First, make sure you have the following filters checked; 4-star ratings and up and Free Shipping, find the cheap products(to do that, sort products by price from lowest to highest).

Now select the products, import them using Oberlo extension and edit their titles, descriptions, and tags and add them to their respective collection and category on Shopify.

Pro tips: –

  • With cheap products, you can as well add some high-value products to raise your profit margins. For example; with a 2-dollar product you can also suggest one or more $4-20 value products to raise sales.
  • With lower pricing products, you can easily raise your profit margins for example you can easily sell a $0.49 product for $50.
  • You need to publish at least 25 items in your store because if you have fewer products, your store may look empty and you will be taking the opportunity to your customers to purchase other products in the same niche.
  • You should Have more related products: People tend to buy more, so our goal here is to have a variety of products… Giving our visitors a more variety of products so they can purchase more than one product.
  • You can as well add shipping charges instead of rising the prices for the products, as you would be getting free shipping from Aliexpress suppliers, so technically that’s where you make a profit also.

Step 6: Getting Traffic and Sales

Now you need an  Instagram account or Facebook page to start generating traffic. Create a new Instagram or Facebook Brand/Product Page and complete the process.

Now it’s due time to launch the ads. Create Facebook ads and link to the cheapest most products available on your Shopify store to lure your visitors to your website. You can use sidebar ads on Facebook as they don’t cost you a lot. Also, I would strongly recommend you to use audience insights tool to find the right audience. also, Make sure you don’t forget to use retargeting features.

Other Websites you need to start Making Money on dropshipping Shopify

In addition to Shopify,Oberlo, and Aliexpress you will be going to need other websites to start making money on dropshipping Shopify

Use ePacket 

You may wonder what  is EPACKET?

Epacket is an agreement between hong kong post and USPS (us postal service) to increase electronic commerce between both countries.

It lets consumers faster shipping from China to the United States and very cheap or free costs as well.

We as Dropshippers will make sure to pick products that are eligible with this wonderful program that gives us many chances.

This model would not work at all if it were not for ePacket because it is worthless to purchase a cheap product in China if you are going to pay a wealth for the shipments.

The good thing that we are going to take features of this program to reduce our shipping costs and times and make our customers happy.

 PayPal account 

Creating a Paypal account is pretty easy. Just visit the PayPal website, and click “Sign Up for Free, This will begin the account creation.
Why PayPal? to increase the possibilities of sales because people trust Paypal a lot.
Paypal offers a feature called express payment where your customer only enters their email and password and the payment is made right away.

Most common questions about dropshipping Shopify

Can you still make money with dropshipping Shopify  in 2020?

The brief  and quick answer to that is; yes .

What do you need to start a Shopify store?

You need a niche ,budgut,and you need to know what you are doing (unless you want to miss).

Now that we know what we are going to do and the tools it is the due time to start.